Lord Blademasters


Master Bianca Kaye, Lady Blademaster, Sword for Hire (Mercenary)

Female Eladrin Rogue, Gatecrasher, Chosen of Tiamat. Bianca descended from an unfortunate branch of Eladrins who wasn’t part of the race’s exodus to the Feywild- and was enslaved for a millennia. This is reflected in her practical personality and an almost human-like curiosity.

It is unknown how Bianca received the Mark of Io, but rumor has it that she slayed several true dragons in the process of acquiring it.

Master Bilqis, Lord Blademaster

Male Bugbear Barbarian, Calm Fury, Chosen of Bahamut. A very eccentric bugbear, Bilqis was raised from birth by an elder Gold Dragon who was fascinated by the calm and calculating way he fought. Bilqis served as the dragon’s emissary to the people of his domain, and defended the island countless times until his patron was killed by another dragon in a (seemingly) fair duel.

He left the island of the gold dragon bearing the Mark of Io, even though only two dragons have been present there (his patron and the usurper).

Lord Blademasters

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