When a particularly powerful mortal attains a feat so great that even the true dragons acknowledge them as equals, they become what’s known as the Legends of Iomandra


  • At least 3 dragons of the same diety (Bahamut or Tiamat) agree that the person is a legend.


  • The title of ‘Master’
  • Another title depending on the character’s class
  • The ‘Mark of Io’, allowing the user to cast ’Dragon’s Bargain’ (excatly like Loremaster’s Bargain) even if untrained to cast rituals. Once per week, the user can cast the ritual without expending any components.
  • The Chosen of Bahamut/Tiamat Epic Path becomes available (Most Legends usually choose this path)
  • No longer needs to eat,sleep or drink, and no longer ages. The legend is practically immortal, although they can still be killed though normal means.


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