Archmages of the Highest Order


Master Dominiq, Archmage of the Highest Order

Male Human Wizard, Wizard of the Spiral Tower, Chosen of Bahamut. Before the breaking of the world, at the great dragonborn wars, Dominiq (wizard of war) became trapped in the Eladrin Great Magic that transported (and broke) the great city of Amethysta into the realms known as the Feywild.

He was inside a slow time bubble in the astral sea for a millenia before emerging in Amethysta, where his knowledge of the old magic helped the Eladrin rebuild. After studying (and teaching) in the newly rebuilt Spiral Towers, Dominiq recieved the Mark of Io from the Eladrin’s Fey Dragon allies. He then became one of the emmisaries of the Eladrins to the now-sunken world of Iomandra.

Due some unknown factor, Dominiq became deranged and ravaged the town of Firefeast, in an island south of Bael Nerath. The dragon overlord of the island, Taarthis, was slain protecting his domain…

Master Rhone Orlak, Archmage of the Highest Order, Sea King Deepstaff

Male Half-elf Hybrid Wizard and Sorcerer, Luckbender, Archmage. Very little is known about the history of Rhone, but the Mark of Io can clearly be seen below his eyepatch like an old scar.

The self-proclaimed “wizard of the waves,” Sea King Deepstaff has arguably the fastest fleet on the high seas. His “flagship” isn’t a ship at all, but a floating tower that skims across the surface of the Dragon Sea.

Master Ji’li’kai, Archmage of the Highest Order, Witch of the Weird

Female Githyanki Psion,Firestarter. It was common knowledge that the reclusive wierd-wielders known as the Githyanki have a long standing alliance with red dragons. Everyone (including the leaders of her own race) were surprised when an initiate of the weird attacked a clutch of red dragons and got the reds to teach her the way of the flame.

Ji’li’kai came out of the red dragon’s caverns with numerous battle scars, overflowing with the knowledge of the flames and bearing the mystical “Mark of Io”.

Archmages of the Highest Order

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