Witches of the Weird


The Witches of the Weird, sometimes called mind mages, are githyanki spellcasters who wield psionic power. They are gaunt, human-like beings with sunken black eyes, ornate apparel, and dour dispositions. Their mastery of the weird allows them to influence the minds of others, from the lowliest servant to the mightiest emperor. The Witches of the Weird form a tightly knit covenant whose true agenda remains a mystery. However, it is believed that the Witches came to Iomandra many years ago aboard ships that crossed over from the Astral Sea. Their ships are swift, peculiar in design, and defended by similarly gaunt knights clad in baroque armor and wielding weird blades (mercurial swords formed out of psionic energy).

The Grand Viziers of the Dragovar dynasty employ Witches of the Weird as advisors and also use them to scour Dragovar communities for spies, traitors, and would-be royal assassins. However, many citizens fear that the witches have a hold over the Grand Viziers and are manipulating them for some ill purpose.

The Witches of the Weird claim the island of Mragvar as their refuge—a place where they can gather in secret and share information. Jagged rocks and sheer black cliffs discourage seafaring vessels from landing on its shores, but the northeastern face of Mragvar is split by a tall, narrow canyon that leads to a cove deep within the island’s interior. Within this cove the Witches of the Weird hide their fleet of Astral ships.

Witches of the Weird

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