The Knights of Ardyn


Ardyn is a silver dragon that seeks to destroy the Dragovar dynasty. She has nothing against dragonborn, but she believes wholeheartedly that the Dragovar bloodline and the Grand Viziers have forsaken Bahamut and become corrupt beyond salvation. Ardyn seeks to depose the tyrannical monarchy, and this desire makes her very popular with enemies of the royal bloodline. She is served by scores of loyal knights from all walks of life. These Knights of Ardyn are always on the lookout for others who share their aims, but for the moment there are too few of them to challenge the Dragovar openly.

The Dragovar want to crush Ardyn’s knighthood but cannot act against Ardyn directly because she’s a true dragon. Her knights, however, are fair game.

Ardynrise is the name of Ardyn’s secret refuge. Here she meets with her knights to plot the downfall of the Dragovar dynasty. The location of Ardynrise is the most closely guarded secret of the knighthood, and getting there is difficult to say the least. High-ranking knights carry a magical talisman that enables Ardyn to summon them when she seeks their counsel; this is the only way by which a knight may enter her secret refuge.

The Knights of Ardyn

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