Taarthas, Year 1474

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The Adamantium Dragon known as ‘Taarthas’ has tasked the Oakenheart Twins on governing the island’s day to day needs. In exchange for protection, the citizens are taxed for a fourth of every trade good produced, and 4000gp per month. Now that Taarthas is dead, the island is producing surplus goods.

The island is composed of the following locales

  • Lichfall Keep
  • The town of Firefeast, and the surrounding fields
  • Flagship ‘Scarlett’ and her Fleet (2 fishing boats & 1 trade galley)
  • Redwood Groves, covering the caverns.
  • Adamantite Caverns, possible connection to the Hollowdark

Global Standing

  • Allied to none, and on good standing with noone.
  • Friends to the Trade Council, 100% Trade Tax with the neighboring Island-Barony of Hullroost
  • Enemy to none, although on bad standing with the Arkhosian Empire due to the death of the overlord

Starting Resources
Citizens: 11 CU total
Trade Goods: 12 TU in the warehouse
Gold: 4500gp in the coffers

Status of Taarthas

Taarthas Island
Population: 11 CU (140+ people)
People’s Share: 6 TU/Week

Lichfall Keep
Steward: Dyrk Oakenhart, Human Male
Operating Expenses: 500gp/week
Structures: Taarthas Hall, Noble’s Quarters (Houses 6), Guest’s Quarters (Houses 4), Common Quarters (Houses 2 CU), Wall (Keep Event Roll +1), Warehouse (Can hold 30 TUs)
Jobs: 1 CU Stewards of the Keep

Town of Firefeast
Mayor: Azura Oakenhart, Human Female
Operating Expenses: 400gp/week (Fields) + 100gp/week (Fisheries)
Structures: 1x Dock (Can hold 5 Ships), 1x Simple Market, 3x Residential Zones (Can hold 15 CUs), 4x Fields
Jobs: 1 CU Fishermen (2x Fishing Boats, producing 4 TU/week), 1 CU Traders (1x Trade Galley & Simple Market, enabling trade), 4 CU Farmers (4x Fields, producing 16 TU/month), 2 CU Unemployed

Flagship ‘Scarlett’
Captain: Suffer Carnego, Tiefling Male
First Mate: ?, Dwarf Male
First Mage: ?, Dragonborn Male
Operating Expenses: 500gp/month
Jobs: 2 CU Deckhands

Scarlett’s Fleet
2x Fishing Boats
1x Trade Galley

Taarthas, Year 1474

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