Juner's Journal


  • Nooj Meyvnhart
  • Male

Player Specific

  • Unspent Experience: 0
  • Gold: ???
  • Item Bundles: None


  • Hybrid Wizard and Swordmage, Bloodmage, Master of Moments
    • Spent Experience Points: 0
    • Infused Items: None


Meyvn, the most outstanding human wizard during the dragonborn wars 1500 years ago, was the original creator of blood magic. The “Blood Patriarch” as he was called. He was the first and only human child with a dragonborn father and a human mother which caused a huge ruckus and controversy during the ancient times. Chosen to live with no last name, he grew to be one of the best wizards ever known in history including the discovery of the darkest techniques in blood arcana. Deciding for him to live was the greatest regret of the dragonborn. By his last dying words during the war, “My sole heir shall be born with the mark of the black talon by his chest and will obliterate every single fortress who opposed him. He shall relive my life and by my blood a legend will again explode power amongst all Iomandra”, he slashed off his eyes. The heir was foretold to be born after hundreds or even thousands of years, nobody ever knew.

Kokusho, the foulest of all dragonborn wizards of the present times, was once a great Arkhosian mage. He was fascinated with the forbidden history of blood magic and its power, that in due time of his greatness, he thirsted to overthrow Arkhosia. Kokusho caused massive havoc battling the empire, and caused as much damage as a whole battalion of wizards. He single handedly fought all Arkosia, but even as great he was, he failed. Kokusho luckily escaped and traveled from island to island having to be blind at the cost of his last demonic spell. The only way he could see again is by the blood of the heir of Meyvn.

Bael Nerath has spoken. The heir has been born. It was widely spread through all Iomandra, alerting all. They fear the prophecy should never happen, and the child should be eliminated by the proper ritual. The child’s parents, Tyrael and Liliana, immediately ran away from Bael Nerath to save their child. They left the poor heir to a river, washed away across the waters, sealed with magic in soft clothing. Days passed as the child traveled crying in the waters.. until a dragonborn found him in a small lake in the forests of Iomandra. He cannot be mistaken, he felt the mark of the black talon in his chest, and it was fate. Kokusho has found the heir of Meyvn. With the proper spell, Kokusho was able to see again, and decided to raise the cursed child as his own. As the dying words of the Meyvn was told, by his blood a legend was about to be created, by the hands of a dragonborn bloodmage. Kokusho named his adopted son, Nooj Meyvnhart, born a human, named a human.

Kokusho trained Nooj on the art of magic as a wizard, and on the art of the sword as a Swordmage. He also trained him on blood magic because he know that, as a Meyvn’s heir, he is the perfect candidate for that kind of magic. They were on the cities in the islands of Bael Terath, the sunken continents of the Tieflings. He served under Captain Rozan’s flagship “Legion” as her First Mage. Captain Rozan is an accomplished Psion, and Nooj picked up a few “tricks” along the way.

On one encounter, Nooj encountered Ezio when the shadow assassin robbed him of his mark. Sinoda, a Student of Caiphon, appeared and stopped the fight before it happened. Soon, Rozan also taught the intricate psionic powers of time. As a final test, she sent nooj to an island called Taarthas..

Juner's Journal

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