Jeff's Journal


  • Artea Starsong
  • Male

Player Specific

  • Unspent Experience: 0
  • Gold: 90 GP
  • Item Bundles: None


  • Hybrid Warlord and Bard, Battlelord of Kord, Demigod
    • Spent Experience Points: 0
    • Infused Items: None


He was born during an eclipse, where the moon turns to red as blood, which seems auspicious. But what does that mean? He was yet to find out. He was raised by her mother Linvala, a native in the southern Bael Nerath. It is believed that his father Ezuri mysteriously disappears after Amethysta was destroyed.

The Class – Hybrid Warlord / Bard

During his early years, he spent time playing around with people’s interest, one of his favorite. In order to practice this, he became interested joining an army where he finds it difficult physically, but socially easy. His capabilities of commanding don’t satisfy his desire due to lack of theoretical knowledge, that he tends to overdo managing people and began losing his followers. That’s why he asks for more!!! More tricks to aid him complete his satisfaction. He then quits the army prematurely to set up his new goal.

Being a natural dabbler, he then mixed his talent by studying arcane. He believes that the way to inspire others and through good performance was really a magic that some friends became interested the way he talks and performs probably due to his charismatic trait. It fills up those gaps that he thinks he is lacking.

Lack of too much knowledge and being careless, he was lost in his own venture in a dungeon… He was attacked by specters and eventually feels that he is outnumbered. Fortunately, a mysterious heroine come his way to aid him banished the specters. The young heroine calls herself Aera. Curious of the girl’s powers, he then asks many questions about her. He then joins her and became a Soldier of Faith, accessing the Divine Powers, one of which is the art of challenge.

After that, he then learns to intimidate other for the knowledge he has that even Aera was surprised and yet amused. However, the Deity Pelor was not of his type. “I was a Corellon believer!” he said. Fan of adventures, magic and versatility, not of hopes and lives of others to be one of Pelor’s…

He also began conducting Martial Practices that may contribute in his daily activities. He concentrates on optimizing his choice of equipments, maximizing its use in the field of heavy blades. He also learns to channel his arcane spells onto his blade while punishing his opponents mentally after figuring out good strategies from it.

The Paragon Path – Battlelord of Kord

After combining his entire power source Martial, Arcane and Divine, he seems confident to get back into the battlefield. He enters a military of known Warlords, where they excels in leading, smart strategies, that teaches Kord’s Dogma.

He masters the art of versatility, as he continues attacking the minds of many. He also gains his commanding presence, the gift of Bravura that he missed during the time he quitted the army. They were honed to survive the bloody ways to achieve victory. Principles of Kord don’t impress him much but still, the way Kord protects his comrades by leading in the front somewhat touch his interest, to lead by example. He also develops being bold and decisive, become fearless of the enemies that may come his way through intimidation and take it cautiously at times unless he is in the mood to engage.

However, not forgetting his tricks of trade combined with a courageous trait as a divine servant, he manage to lead on and off the battlefield mastering every single ability he can learn with his comrades before him. He apparently met a Dragonborn named Grix during the epic battle against the demonic incursions under Master Dreaken Malios, one of the Great Generals, which lead them wielding the Fathomreaver where they part ways after the General sacrifice himself to unite the Sea Kings and bring victory against demons.

The Epic Destiny – Demigod

His participation in the epic battle with the Sea King catches Corellon’s attention of his potential. He accepts to become probationary exarches of Corellon, where finally the spark of godhood finally ignites on him as he slightly sets himself above all mortals. Still confused on his new self, he came to realize that it wasn’t a dream after all. As his first task, he was asked to expedite the case of Master Dominiq’s assault in the Town of FireFeast which is also under the dominion of the Adamantium Dragon Taarthas. He then eventually met old comrades during his expedition.

Jeff's Journal

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