How did the characters end up in



You were born in the world of Iomendra. Maybe you were from the declining dragonborn empire of Arkhosia; or a refugee from the shattered eladrin city of Amethysta. Perhaps you’re from the rebuilding dwarven strongholds below the waves, or from the sunken tiefling cities of Bael Terath- perhaps not. Wherever you’re from, your adventuring days have brought you and four of your most trusted comrades to the human baronies of Bael Nerath..

The Adamantium Dragon ‘Taarthas’ was considerably fair to his dominion-island south of the Bael Nerath, but a rumor has it that the dragon is currently under attack, not by another dragon, but by a human mage! It seems that one of the most powerful magicians of Iomandra (Master Dominiq, Archmage of the Highest Order) has lost his mind, and ravaged the the Town of Firefeast, prompting Taarthas to protect his domain..

How did the characters end up in

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