Boogie's Journal


  • Grix
  • Male

Player Specific

  • Unspent Experience: 0
  • Gold: 1 Platinum, 60 Gold
  • Item Bundles: None


  • Warlord, Battlelord of Kord, Warmaster
    • Spent Experience Points: 0
    • Infused Items: None


Born in the empire, Grix spent his childhood as a member of the martial caste. He was chosen to become a member of the Khygar’s Brood, acting as an MP (Military Police). He accidentally killed one of his superior officers in a bar fight and was suspended from active service because of it.

Grix went on journey to find himself, and became affiliated with The Sea Kings. There he encountered Artea, a Battlelord of Kord, and was present in the demonic incursion with the great general Draeken. He continued fighting after Draeken sacrificed himself, and was one of the survivors of the battle, and even after that remained with the fleet as a distinguished commanding officer and war master of the Sea King Firerazor.

He was sent by Firerazor to Taarthas to speak with a person named Dominiq.

Boogie's Journal

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